City of Kansas City, Water Services


Kansas City began building its basic sewer infrastructure more than 150 years ago, and some of that system is still in use today. Wastewater in Kansas City travels through some 2,800 miles of pipeline before arriving at one of the City’s six wastewater treatment plants.  As part of our commitment to safeguarding the future of Kansas City’s wastewater systems, Water Services recently completed $96 million in disinfection improvements projects across all six wastewater treatment facilities. These improvements foster the health of our community by improving the quality of water returned to area waterways.

Like other cities across the country, Water Services is in the process of implementing a 25-year federally-mandated Overflow Control Program (OCP). This program has received national attention for being among the first to incorporate significant green solutions.  A complete list of projects and improvements can be found online by visiting our Overflow Control Program page.